Holiday Marketing Made Simple

Connecting With Customers During The Holidays

Top Tips For 2020 Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is upon us, and this year they look like no other. With that in mind, and the prospect for a better and brighter 2021, now is a great time to flex your branding muscles to ramp up results.  We will focus on communicating  your brand values, driving engagement and awareness to increase custom engagement. As we wind down the year, and start anew, a strategic digital marketing campaign should focus on the traditions, and the emotions that go with them, which many consumers are experiencing this time of year.

2020 – What a Year

In a year of turmoil, controversy, uncertainty and all the other “things” that came about in 2020 a holiday marketing strategy must differ from your other efforts throughout the year. Consumers will be online more in 2020 than ever before. The emotional appeal you create this year should take into consideration what’s happening out there. Simply rebooting the usual holiday fare when it comes to your campaigns, ignoring the plight of the country, is bad branding and bad for the bottom line. Certainly it’s wise to use strategies that emotionally connect to your brand and this season tying in your core brand values to hopes for a better future certainly will resonate. Your messaging should be authentic, tying back to the emotional and tangible benefits your brand delivers.

Get Started

If you haven’t already, you must identify who your target is and have a clear understanding of what exactly you are trying to accomplish through your communication strategies. Are you fostering good will, launching new products or services, or expanding your footprint in the marketplace? Figure out a clear and concise plan and focus on a message that ties to the feelings the holidays and new year evoke. This will allow you to create targeted content and what we call “mini moments” that connect consumers to your brand.

The holidays and prospect of good things to come in the new year, now more than ever is an opportunity for you to further differentiate your brand. We touched on the importance of communicating your brand values. As we look further up the food chain in the branding pyramid it’s critical to also tie your story telling back to your brand personality, brand essence and, ultimately, clearly communicate your brand promise. Those who do this authentically with on-brand crafted strategies will gain the most.


Connecting to the traditions of the holiday season can help you gain traction during a busy 4thquarter and start of the new year. Making sure you’ve diligently researched the market, know your audience and potential audiences, and how to emotionally connect with them are the critical steps you need to take. Once you’re there, the next step is to develop thoughtfully crafted campaigns to distribute across your primary channels of communication (e.g. social, online advertising, email, traditional channels, etc.). Using the inspiration of the holidays and new year will help create trust and loyalty for your brand that will extend beyond the season.

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