Year-End Marketing: Top Tips To Get Ahead

Year-End Marketing

Like it or not, summer is about over, and we are rounding the corner into the sprint towards 2024. As we enter the year-end push there is still time to get ahead of the game and gain traction. Let’s get you rolling into 2024 with some momentum. Here are our Top 4 Year-End Marketing Tips for. Does this seem too obvious to you? Here’s another hint, almost all of the good tips are!

As the man says…Common sense is not always common practice. So get your team on it!

Year-End Marketing Tip 1: It’s Never Too Early

Get creative about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Whether you are selling products or services there are many ways to leverage the buzz for year-end sales. If you plan now and launch your promotions early you will not get lost in the noise surrounding this pre-holiday kickoff.

There’s a reason we now see Holiday decorations in September – it works. You don’t have to put on the Santa suit just yet, but you should start promoting year-end specials and promotions in September.

Year-End Marketing Tip 2: Gift Early

Get year-end customer appreciation gifts, cards or promotions in the can now.  
Imagine having this out of the way by the end of October, ready to hit the mailbox, in box or social feed. You not only will free up time for other year-end work that inevitably pops up 3 days before your holiday vacation time, but you will feel less stressed and more accomplished by getting it done now.

Year-End Marketing Tip 3: Reward Loyalty 

There’s lots of competition out there and it’s never too early to tell customers you love them. Reward your loyal customers, offer them incentives for year-end work or a “special pre-2023 deal” if they sign on the dotted line before we carve up the turkey.

Year-End Marketing Tip 4: Be Social

Sure, once you get into November you will start getting the usual invites to holiday parties. We’re not talking about those social interactions but rather plan out your social media posts ahead of time, especially if you aren’t already doing this. It’s important to keep up with your posting even if you feel like you’re just shouting into the wind of the holiday hurricane. Your followers and customers will see you, so keep consistent and keep posting.

Put a bow on it.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Until then, keep an eye on Cornerstone Creative as we continue our growth and continue our campaign to be the best creative shop around. Click here to send us an email, let us know what you think.