3 Tips For Social Media Videos

Video is a great tool to enhance your social media game. It not only makes the content more interesting and engaging, allowing you to showcase the personality of your brand, but it can benefit website SEO and meaningful engagement through your various social channels. Our social media pros share a few tips for social media videos below to get you started. As always send us an email if you have questions or want more free tips on how to market your brand.

Keep an Eye on the Time
All social channels are not the same. Remember to use different length videos customized to each channel.  You can see our recommendations here.

Have a Goal in Mind
Mindless TikToc videos can be fun…see Cranberry Juice guy @420doggface208 but for most of us using social media to drive business engagement you should plan on some sort of call to action – even if it’s just to interact with your followers through videos on social media.

Be Authentic
We’ve always advised our clients to be true to their brands by maintaining authenticity. If you aren’t on TikTok or Twitter, don’t force it. If it’s not a fit, don’t fake it. It’s obvious to your followers, sometimes painfully so. That’s not to say you can’t branch out and explore new social channels, just follow the rule of being true to your brand and you’ll be fine.

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