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Do first impressions really have as much power as we think? The experts think so: a quarter of customers are likely to remain loyal for up to 2 years if they have a good first impression. The experts also say that you get less than a second to make a first impression. Your website’s design is often your customers’ first impression of your business.

Cornerstone Creative, based in Centennial, Colorado, understands that a good first impression is critical to keeping people on your site and getting them to come back. So we prepared a list of 3 website design trends that will help improve your bottom line.

White Space

Minimalism has been an increasingly popular trend in the web design world. And today, the design is marked by white space, and not always in the place you would expect. White space, also often referred to as negative space, is the area between the elements on a web page (or physical page like in print magazines). These elements include images, typography, icons, margins, columns, lines of text, lists, and logos.

So why should you use white space in your design? Our in-house website design team lists following reasons for using white space because it:

  • Gives your design a sense of balance
  • Improves content legibility
  • Increases comprehension
  • Highlights important UI elements such as call to actions (CTAs)
  • Creates a tidier, more friendly design, which makes your site impressive

Dark Mode Designs

Another trend we’re seeing at our local is how popular dark mode designs have become over the past few years. They’re now everywhere. And even world-class brands like Google, Apple, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have already jumped on the dark mode design train. The question is, why?

Well, on the practical end, dark mode web designs help reduce eye strain, which is a concern for many as we are almost always on our phones. They can also improve battery life. A recent test by PhoneBuff found that dark mode can extend iPhone batteries by up to 30%. On the aesthetic end, dark interfaces create an ultra-modern look for your website with bright accent elements and easy to read typography.


The third trend our we strongly recommend incorporating into your website design is custom illustrations. While browsing the web, do you sometimes feel like you see the same stock photo over and over again? The use of photos undoubtedly makes your website more attractive and makes your business appear more competent, but they can also make your site feel generic and bland. So if creating custom image libraries is not in the budget, consider using an illustrator to create custom work for you. It’s often more affordable than photography and can be a good supplement to stock images you are using.

Our custom illustrations can help your website stand out and make it feel fresh, authentic, modern, and a bit whimsical. And since you will be creating illustrations from scratch, you can customize and personalize them for your brand, making it unmistakable. Remember, if you design your branding to use the same images everyone else is using, you’re doing branding wrong.

Make a good first impression

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