Residential Systems, Inc. is is the premier smart home automation and custom home theater company in Denver. The company has been delivering exceptional work for more than 25 years throughout Colorado. Although its reputation and dedication to excellence has stood the test of time, the brand was in need of a refresh. RSI hired TGA to refine its brand positioning, design a new logo and tagline and develop a state-of-the-art website that better showcased the company’s positioning as a leading high-end home technology provider.

Reimagined, engineered and designed in 2017, the new Residential Systems Inc. website was launched in March of 2017. The site is fully responsive, immersive and elegantly designed to appeal to the RSI customer.

The new RSI logo provides a more contemporary look and feel, while still communicating solid company values and it’s long-time presence in the marketplace.  The new tagline, “Bringing Homes to Life”, represents the core mission of the company – providing unmatched service, the latest in home technology designed to simplify and enhance the lives of the families while they are enjoying their homes and each other.