More Resolve

A quick inventory of past new year’s resolutions reveals striking similarities from year to year. Topics include Business, Fitness, Finances, Faith and Family oriented goals which I hope to improve upon each January – December. I believe having goals and committing yourself to improving professionally and personally – actually it’s really important. Rather than dragging out a legal pad and writing down my resolutions (which I could repurpose from any list dating back to 1995), I decided  to simplify things. For 2017 I am committing myself to having more resolve.

The definition of resolve (as a noun) is: firm determination to do something.  There you have it. I know what I need to do – eat better, exercise more, commit more time to charity, family and faith, work on my business not in it, etc…I don’t need a list of resolutions…I need more resolve to do the things I know I should do.

I bet you do too.